Sunday, 25 October 2015


Minnesota Day 1 || Part II

On our first day in Minnesota we had brunch at May Day Cafe.  Tucked into the quaint neighborhood of Powderhorn, this cute cafe was the perfect place to hangout and catch up.  After each enjoying a slice of quiche and a hot beverage, we walked around the neighborhood of Powderhorn guided by Sophie's Grandma who gave us a mini tour of her enduring neighborhood.  

Friday, 23 October 2015

Sophie's Grandma's Home || MINNEAPOLIS, MN

Minnesota Day 1 || Part I

For this block break, Sophie, Emma, Abby and I decided to take a road trip to Sophie's hometown - St. Paul, Minnesota.  On our first day here we stopped by Sophie's Grandma's house for a visit.  While there I couldn't help but document the charm of her home.  Greeted by Aloysius the cat and Basil the dog (not pictured), we got to see the fun things Sophie's Grandma was up to as an artist - including cyanotypes and redesigning her upstairs into studio space.  Afterwards, we walked down the street for lunch (photos to come in next post).  Fall is really upon us here - the color of the leaves are unbelievable. It was a beautiful walk over to the cafe.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

WCW: Aniz & Duma


Today's Woman Crush Wednesday goes out to my best friend and sister, Aniz.  I took these color film shots of Aniz and Duma back in the summer, but I feel they have a very fall vibe to them.  

From Aniz and I's late night Target runs, driving insanely far just for a scoop of gelato, sharing a wardrobe, and always being able to use her as a model, there are so many things I miss about being with my "twin."  I love you Aniz.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


 I took these photos on my first visit to Mount Vernon.  Little did I know, this sweet coffee shop would soon become my local hangout spot after class.  As I type this I'm sitting at Fuel enjoying an iced chai and a piece of the carrot cake -- my two personal recommendations.  It's the perfect spot to stop by if you ever find yourself in the small town of Mount Vernon, Iowa!