Sunday, 23 August 2015

Slide Sunday III

Prom 1952
Day After Dick’s Graduation 1952

Yeaahhh I know I haven't done a Slide Sunday in awhile... oops!

Within the box of slides I found in Kalamazoo back in the day were these two slides.  They're the most personal shots in the box and quite honestly two of my favorites.  

This week I will be leaving for college.  In commemoration of my high school years coming to an end, I wanted to share these two shots of someone enjoying two important marks of high school - Graduation and Prom. 

Hopefully I will be better at posting these Slide Sundays while at school :)

Monday, 10 August 2015

Art Institute Trip


              It was awhile ago that Lake, Rania and I took the train downtown to visit The Art Institute of Chicago. As I went to load my trusty Fujica 35mm film camera with some color film on our walk to the Art Institute, I realized I had grabbed a role of used film.  It was something I've only had nightmares about before - a whole day in the city without a camera - and at the Art Institute nonetheless. So camera-less and sad, I decided to challenge myself with my "Iphoneography" skills. Square mode on, and iPhone in hand I captured the day in a handful of squares. 

One of my favorite exhibits (as seen directly below) was Frances Stark's "Intimism" gallery. The exhibit consists of a collection of video clips, photographs, essays and drawings.  I loved the complete and honest real life feel the entire exhibit had. It was a beautiful exhibit and one I'd highly recommend stopping by before the exhibit ends at the end of the month.