Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Model: Sasha

Happy Earth Day! 

I found this role of film in a drawer the other day and when I had it developed I was excited to see it was the roll I had taken at Starved Rock back in December! I never got around to editing the digital shots from this trip so this was a great little preview of the day and the beautiful colors we saw (and just in time for Earth Day!).  

Actually, the colors were so beautiful that I have added a few of the color codes below (yes the circles above and below are actual colors taken from the photos!).  

Film does such a beautiful job capturing the vivid colors of a place and there's always such a warmth to the photos when the sun is out! Excited to shoot some more color film this summer!

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

WCW: Lexi

Two Woman Crush Wednesday posts posted in a row? oops! 

I just couldn't wait for another Wednesday to come along to post these from my recent studio lighting shoot with Lexi! In commemoration of her committing to the University of Illinois (yay!!!) we did a mini graduation card photoshoot.  It went from taking a few shots for the card to a full on photoshoot with props and everything (see bunny-ears photo).  Although I included most of the more "serious" shots, they were all so fun to take - and I'm usually NOT a fan of studio lighting.  

Thank you for your help Emma and thank you for being such a fun model Lexi - very proud of you for committing! Illinois is lucky to have you! :)

Model: Lexi || Assistant: Emma

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

WCW: Natalie & Co


Happy Wednesday! I have four awesome woman crush Wednesday's today! (you can see all four above as they enjoy a round of party poppers).  

I was so excited to edit this set of photos.  Natalie had the most beautiful table set for her 18th Birthday party; from the gorgeous tea cups passed on from her Grandmother, to the birthday cake she had especially designed with her two pups in mind (Josie & Stella) - the table was so pretty and so much fun to photograph! 

I had such a fun time celebrating Natalie's 18th birthday with her! She's one of the kindest girls I know and I wish her a wonderful year ahead! 

Models: Natalie, Francesca, Sofia & Emma

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from my messy kitchen counter! 

Hope it was a good one filled with family and chocolate covered bunnies :)

Slide Sunday II

Biloxi Miss 1956 
Gulfport 1955
SO. Haven 1953
SO. Haven 1951
SO. Haven - 1954
Happy 2nd Slide Sunday! The first and the last photos are two of my favorite photographs in the box of slides.  They both really identify with the time period the box of slides is from; the vintage cars in the first slide and the film camera in the bottom right corner of the last slide.  There are some beautiful blue hues from this series - it's interesting to see how the colors are preserved in each slide - some more vivid than others.

Anyway, have a wonderful week!
Spring Break highlights coming up next as spring break is sadly coming to an end :(