Thursday, 31 December 2015



Merry Christmas! 

I hope it was a jolly one! My Roommate and I made a makeshift Christmas tree in our dorm (upper right). It was very festive and included fairy lights, Bernie Sanders and misc tidbits we found around town. 
It was so nice being back home and being back with my family. 

Sunday, 29 November 2015


Happy Thanksgiving! 
I hope it was a wonderful day with family, friends and pumpkin pie!

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Antiquing || MINNEAPOLIS, MN

Minnesota Day 2 || Part I

On our second day in Minnesota we grabbed lunch then went antiquing.  It's my most absolute favorite thing to do whenever I travel somewhere new.  It was a cute little store with a bunch of treasures including these boots above that Sophie found; they were basically brand new.  Such a great find! It was a really great start to our second day in Minnesota! 

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Art Institute || MINNEAPOLIS, MN

Flowers | Andy Warhol | 1964

Vicki! I-I Thought I Heard Your Voice! | Roy Lichtenstein | 1964

Boy with Butterfly Net | Henri Matisse | 1907

Untitled | Anselm Reyle | 2006

Identical Twins | Diane Arbus | 1966

Magasin, Avenue des Gobelins | Jean-Eugene-Auguste Atget | 1925

Young Solider | August Sander | 1945

Scissors and Thread | Ansel Adams | 1931

Penny Picture Display | Walker Evans | 1936

Migratory Cotton Picker | Dorothea Lange | 1940

Minnesota Day 1 || Part III

We ended our first day in Minnesota by visiting MIA, also known as the the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Art Museums being one of my most absolute favorite places to be, I had the best time ever. It really made me long for my Chicago Art Institute. I think the very best part was walking into the photo gallery and seeing one of my favorite photographers, Diane Arbus' print, "Identical Twins." Just last week I gave a presentation on Arbus and focused on the print. I was so excited I nearly cried. There was nothing that could make my night better.

It was a really great first day in Minnesota!

Sunday, 25 October 2015


Minnesota Day 1 || Part II

On our first day in Minnesota we had brunch at May Day Cafe.  Tucked into the quaint neighborhood of Powderhorn, this cute cafe was the perfect place to hangout and catch up.  After each enjoying a slice of quiche and a hot beverage, we walked around the neighborhood of Powderhorn guided by Sophie's Grandma who gave us a mini tour of her enduring neighborhood.